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About Air Water Global

The Story of Water and Air Working Hand in Hand

Proven and Unique Technology Delivers Effectiveness Without Chemicals, Physical Filters, or Harmful Residues. 


Water ProcessingAir Processing

Water Processing

Experience Cutting-Edge Water Solutions

Clean, Valuable, and Beneficial Water – Without Chemicals, Physical Filters, or Harmful Residues

Water management processing: 

  • Resolving salinity, scale, and iron challenges
  • Scale buildup prevention: from pipework to drippers and spray nozzles
  • Promoting enhanced plant growth and regeneration
  • Optimizing molecular behaviour of water
  • Efficient water density management: thinner water for deeper root infusion and nutrient absorption
  • Empowering seedlings and plants for increased size and production
  • Enjoy cost savings with reduced maintenance

Activated water enhancment opportunities:

  • Mining
  • Hospitals
  • Zoological
  • Golf Courses
  • Agriculture
  • Vineyards
    Reactive Water Removes Biofilm

    Water processing: Ideal for anywhere water mineralization, distribution and maintenance is an issue.

    Agriculture & Irrigation



    Parkland & Golf Courses

    Utilizing air

    Innovative Air Quality Solutions

    Proven and unique processes: sterilize and activate atmosphere with electronic and light-driven methods. Storage of fresh produce without chemicals. Reduce costs significantly with excellent residue-free results. Ideal for air quality management without filters or chemicals. Email for more information. Registered organic.

    Advanced science and engineering solutions:

    • Enhanced atmosphere without chemicals or filters.
    • Effective destruction of fungi, mold, bacteria, and viruses.
    • Elimination of harmful gases, including ethylene.
    • Creating sterile storage conditions.
    • Inhibiting ethylene production in produce.
    • Doubling shelf life of produce (up to six months of apple storage with no chemicals).
    • Purifying water vapor.
    • Minimizing chilling injury.
    Reccomended for enclosed atmosphere environment:
    • Cheese factories
    • Fresh Produce Storage
    • Supermarkets
    • Disease free areas
    • Chicken Processors
    • Meat Processing
    • Vegetable Processing

    Air Solutions: Ideal for anywhere air quality, fungi, mould, bacteria, virus or gases are an issue.


    Storage Facilities

    Shipping Containers

    Public Spaces

    Seing results

    Costa Citrus Trial Results

    During the trial:

    • Oranges treated with AWG technology exhibited a minimal weight reduction of 0.62kg per box.
    • In contrast, the control group experienced a significant weight loss of 2.232kg per box.

    The control group’s produce was deemed unsaleable, while the AWG-treated produce remained in good condition.

    Citrus trial start<br />
    Citrus trial result<br />

    Seeing results

    Charltons Cherry Trial Results

    Through the use of our specialized units, we witnessed an impressive 29% weight retention in the cherry trial. This remarkable outcome underscores the superiority of our approach when compared to the control group. It serves as clear evidence of our effectiveness in preserving the quality and freshness of cherries throughout the entire process.

    Cherry Trials

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