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 In processing environments you create the ability to achieve designed outcomes. Uncontrolled atmosphere can cause unexpected or unwanted contamination’s. HVAC and HEPA filter systems are often not sufficient which is where Airofresh INTL atmosphere processing systems shine. Designed processes to enable you to have the protection and outcomes you want. Cheap to acquire and run our systems complete the controlled environment you desire including cross contamination controls.

AiroFresh INTL uses cutting edge atmosphere processing technology dramatically reducing atmospheric contaminants such as yeast and mould to improve the cleanliness of the environment during processing.

AiroFresh INTL destroys airborne pathogens such as viruses, which are not trapped by HEPA filters as they may be smaller than 0.3 nm

AiroFresh INTL is unique in that it is able to operate at very low refrigerated temperatures.

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What if, you could dramatically reduce the level of animal allergens, bacteria, virus and odours in your facility.

AiroFresh INTL offers an inexpensive and safe atmosphere purification solution without capture and store filters, to problems associated with managing the air quality in animal research laboratories. Airofresh INTL also destroys dust.

AiroFresh INTL is a useful risk management strategy in reducing and controlling background occupational exposure to animal allergens within animal veterinary and laboratory facilities. Compliant with the Laboratory Animal Allergen Guidelines

The aims of these guidelines are as follows:

  • To reduce the incidence of sensitization (developing an allergic response) to laboratory animals.

  • To monitor the health of workers who work with laboratory animals to prevent significant or serious allergies and asthma.

  • To assist in reducing overall exposure of workers to animal allergen and animal related dust.

AiroFresh INTL helps your organization to meet the guidelines set above, with no risk and at a very small cost.

AiroFresh INTL has been independently evaluated as Organic certified equipment by NASAA.



  • Removes odours

  • Eliminates pathogens

  • Substantially reduces levels of MUP (Mouse Urinary Proteins)

  • Eliminates cleaning agent fumes (Chlorine & Ammonia etc.)

  • Removes VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) – gases

  • Destroys bacteria, viruses, fungus, moulds, spores and more

  • Reduces incidence of allergic reactions of staff due to airborne particulates such as airborne microorganisms, allergens, odours and VOC’s in the work place.

  • OH & S

  • Clean, safe and environmentally friendly

  • Plug and go

  • Low energy requirements – price of a light bulb to run

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What if you could have clean air that is crisp & fresh in your mortuary areas?

AiroFresh INTL is a technologically advanced, high volume air management system delivers substantial benefits to a diverse group of industries across the globe.

AiroFresh INTL offers inexpensive, safe green solutions to problems associated with managing mortuary and histopathology laboratory environments.

Air quality and odour remediation, formaldehyde and ozone risks.

Airofresh INTL has a unique, proven technology for keeping enclosed atmosphere clean without the use of capture and store filters or ozone in the working atmosphere.

Airofresh INTL BCU (biological control unit) available since 2016, is now established in many facilities throughout Australia.

Ozone has been popular in facilities. Workplace limits are 0.1ppm (extremely low) as ozone is a dangerous workplace gas. It is inappropriate in healthy working environments and at safe working levels does not destroy contaminants/fungi.  The NFDA (US) advises against use of ozone generators in funeral facilities (either by UV or electric discharge).

WH&S claims in this area are rising as employees are becoming more aware and adversely affected. Employers need to take this potential liability seriously. It is not a difficult issue to address as an obvious ozone odor is generally detectable.

Airofresh INTL endorsed by medical and WH&S specialists destroys airborne contaminants including ozone, without these residues.

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Post-harvest and Cold-room Storage



What if there was a simple and inexpensive way to improve the quality and longevity of your produce while increasing your profitability?

Select appropriate chemicals in field to match the process mix in storage and the outcome can be excellent, healthy, very long shelf life with constantly improving taste. Nil or very low residue outcomes.

Airofresh Intl is proven in post harvest storage. In the old days farmers would lose one third of their crop to pestilence. Technology enables better outcomes and produce.

Airofresh Intl provides retained produce weight, condition, much reduced rots. Destroys fungi, mould, virus, ethylene and more. Keeps storage’s and bins clean. Much less cost and much more profit to you. If nothing changes, nothing changes – explore the difference.

Airofresh Intl enables clean, sterile, enabled storage atmosphere to provide you with an unsurpassed healthy, long life, great tasting result.

Excellent outcomes for all produce including apples, pears, cherries, banana and the list goes on (much longer life and less rots, great quality),  No residues, organically registered and excellent outcomes.

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  • Enables post harvest storage of produce without residues

  • WH&S protection for workers. Airofresh Intl destroys dangerous airborne chemical residues in the workspace.

  • Cleans storage’s 24/7, keeping produce, walls, ceilings and storage bins clean.

  • Enhances plant growth in enclosed atmosphere (storage’s, green houses etc)

  • Considerable extension of fresh produce shelf life – without residues

  • Improves quality (taste) and production yields (much less rots)

  • Reduces sales loss, brand damage and liability loss

  • Organically certified

  • Destroys bacteria, viruses, fungi, moulds, spores and more

  • Eliminates odours

  • No filters to change or dispose of

  • Clean, safe and environmentally friendly

  • Plug and go

  • Convenient annual servicing

  • Constantly replenishes its capability 24/7 and maintains efficiency

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What if there was a simple and inexpensive way to increase the longevity of fresh produce and increase profitability?

Brand is all-important in the supermarket industry and fresh produce is at the heart of a quality supermarket. Whilst customers are price conscious; they are looking for appealing produce without spoilage and resulting wastage impacts on profitability. Proprietors give little thought to each load of produce bringing in field contaminants (fungus/mold/bacteria). It is not the amount of time each delivery spends in the storage, it is the cumulative contamination of produce being stored every minute of every day. This contamination build up considerably effects shelf life.

AiroFresh® is a technologically advanced, high volume air purification system that keeps storage’s clean 24/7. Occasional extensive cleaning is inadequate and indirectly expensive. Reduce rots, wastage and maximize shelf life. Airofresh 24/7.

AiroFresh® S&P technology is very efficient being able to destroy ammonia molecules (particularly hard molecular shell) making if perfect for seafood storage’s. Destroy’s seafood odor and keeps storage’s clean.

AiroFresh® keeps distribution center storages clean 24/7. Manual cleaning annually is sufficient when staff, produce/air movement causes contaminant introduction every day. Cooling ducting is an accumulating contamination source rarely cleaned and quickly re-contaminates the facility after cleaning. Airofresh cleans 24/7 including ducting. Constant 24/7, more efficient and cost saving.

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  • Keeps storage’s clean 24/7 preventing considerable contamination build up.

  • Automated cleaning 24/7 including benefits to cooling ducting. Annual manual cleaning is inefficient.

  • Enhances food safety

  • Destroys pathogens including bacteria, viruses, fungus, moulds and spores

  • Removes VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) – forklift emissions, ethylene, toxic fumes

  • Addresses cross contamination that occurs with mixed cold storage rooms

  • Eliminates cleaning chemical residues (Chlorine & Ammonia etc.)

  • Provides a safer, less contaminated, lower risk, working environment for personnel (OH&S)

  • Increases profitability by lowering costs

  • Removes allergens from the workplace.

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Why has it not been done before – Airofresh INTL technology did not exist in working environments.

Influenza Virus: is among the worst years in Australia with vaccines of limited effectiveness. 2019 influenza season is looking particularly difficult. Incidences are higher already.

Most virus are under 0.3nm in size which means physical filters will generally not catch them. Filters create breeding grounds for contaminants and a disposal problem. What is needed is  a strong effective, whole of facility atmosphere sterilizer. Airborne influenza. measles, chicken pox and the list goes on.

Airofresh Intl destroys these airborne diseases. Protect yourself, co-workers and children with an effective proven atmosphere processor. Airofresh Intl BCU (Biological Control Unit)

Airborne disease can spread when an infected person coughs, sneezes, or talks, spewing nasal and throat secretions into the air. Certain viruses or bacteria take flight and hang in the air or land on other people or surfaces.

When you breathe airborne pathogenic organisms in, they take up residence inside you. You can also pick up germs when you touch an infected surface, and then touch your own eyes, nose, or mouth.

Present techniques involve vaccinations, surface cleaning and vacuuming and compliance with health and safety compliance policies detailed in National Quality Framework policies.

AIROFRESH INTL Atmosphere Processing DESTROYS – (not capture and store) all airborne virus, bacteria, fungus, mold, dust and other contaminants. Airofresh INTL is proven, safe and “organically registered” suitable equipment.

Influenza           Chickenpox          Mumps         Measles            Whooping Cough            Tuberculosis

Child Care and Kindergartens – Women, working and child care.

Evidence shows child care arrangements  help balance the burden of paid and unpaid work and increase productivity, especially for women. Growth of accessible and quality of child care has not kept pace with the rising rate of women participating in the formal market worldwide. Child care health is particularly at issue for low-income parents with children under the age of five.  Immunity of children generally under the age of 10 years, has not fully developed and the high prevalence of sickness is well recorded, especially in pre school age care.

Economic ramifications 

  • Facilities needing to provide temporary staff when full time care givers are sick.

  • Parents needing time off to care for their children. Especially difficult for single parent families with limited economic means. We seek improved economic outcomes for all

  • Hospitalizations. Especially relevant during influenza season. Low effectiveness level of vaccines, reflecting in high hospitalization rates for children. Community costs in the aggregate are very high.

  • Facilities with Airofresh INTL technology benefit from, improved occupation health and safety, attendance rates and retention of clients. Newly acquired facilities will turn to profit quicker as clients seek out safer environments for the children and better work security outcomes for themselves. We at Airofresh will assist in promotion. It is in our interest to clean more atmosphere and your interest to facilitate better community and financial outcomes for all.


Airofresh INTL enables – provision of cleaning atmosphere in child care and early learning facilities and has a noticeable and beneficial outcome on all levels. Over 50% of surface contaminants begin as airborne. At this level Airofresh INTL is particularly effective in destroying (not capture and store) bacteria, virus, mold and fungi.  These all being related to asthma and allergies. Organically registered Airofresh INTL places a whole new emphasis on facility cleanliness unmatched by any other current technology approach.

Airofresh INTL Technology cleans and purifies internal atmosphere. This is also where most surface contaminants originate. Our success in kindergartens has been excellent in reducing contamination risk. We commend facility managers to include clean atmosphere in their approach to this serious problem of airborne contamination and transmission, before it infects.

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